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Take a home sleep study
After one night of sleep in your own bed, our easy to use test will detect if you have sleep apnea.
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Your own dedicated respiratory therapist will guide you to better rest. They'll follow up with you regularly to ensure your success.
Home Sleep Testing
After just one night of rest, a home sleep test will tell us if therapy is right for you.

Sleep normally wearing our kit and a doctor will follow up with your results the next day.
Take a Home Sleep Test

Untreated Sleep Apnea Poses Serious Risks

An interrupted flow of oxygen to the brain triples your risk of stroke. 80% of all night time strokes are due to sleep apnea.
Heart attack
Increased stress on the heart increases your risk of heart failure by 140% and coronary heart disease by 30%.
46% of people with sleep apnea develop depressive symptoms when left without treatment.
Sleep apnea is linked to Dementia and the biomarkers of Alzheimer's. CPAP therapy is a research-proven strategy for reducing Dementia risk.
Daytime Sleepiness
Millions of sleep apnea sufferers report daytime sleepiness, which is estimated to cost the US economy $12B per year.
Shortened Lifespan
Researches estimate a
12-15 year reduction in lifespan and 2.5x higher likelihood of sudden night time cardiac death.